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October 15, 2004
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sorry people, the video has been relocated due to it violating policy here on DA. its really too bad, i think its DA's loss. the new address is [link]


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Heart-Broke-Romance Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010
XxYuMeTsUzZ Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oye amigo o kitas ese pedazo de mierda o te denuncio por spam [link]

esto es una pagina para publicar arte
no para armar polémica por los perros


hey friend, or remove that piece of shit or you spam complaint [link]

This is a site for art published
not to arm controversy dogs


but go even forum who cares
sino ve aun foro a quien le interese
annelya Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010   Photographer
why is it that only the pit bull owners and lovers see videos like this? i already know that my buddy oskar is the sweetest thing, it's the ignorant people that need to see this and other videos/websites/articles like it...of course, they are too stubborn and narrowminded to take the time out for it.
of course my pit has the ability to bite my face off or gnaw and arm off, but when he knows he's in trouble his first instinct is not to attack, he just looks at me and knows. of course he could break my fingers or eat them, but he sits patiently when i look at his teeth or inspect his paws.
any other dog has the ability to bite off a face, arm or fingers. why do pit bulls have to be the target? no, the owner of the vicious dog should be the target. most dogs can even be saved from terrible homes (is it really a home?) like that.
vesabean Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Student Digital Artist
this made me cry, then i ran and hugged my pit bull bunbon
Tide-Of-Warm-Blood Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
It pisses me off how people are oh so afraid of Pit Bulls but they've only heard of them being vicious in dogfights. Thank you for taking your time to make this, and actually caring about the breed. I hope to get one some day.
I hate puppy mills and how they raise pits and any breed it makes me want to show them what its like. Constant breeding, litter after litter then when they can't have anymore they just either kill them or abandon them.
I hate the people who do this to these dogs all they care about is money. The dogs don't matter as long as they fight well for awhile. It makes me question how these people can be considered human with how they treat living things. If you would like to help this message me if I get enough people I will start a club sort of deal.
MonsterEngeryDrinker Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010  Student Photographer
It's sad how many people hate pit bulls, though more than half of these people, have never even MET a pit bull in their entire life. I own this WONDERFUL breed and they are the most loveable dogs I have ever owned. I wouldn't give up my baby for ANYTHING. I would rather own Pit Bulls than Labradors.
kigenco Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010
stuff like this really makes you think . . . ykno i use to have a freind with a pit bull named soldier (cuz he looked kinda like he was wearing camo she said id didnt c it he only had 2 overlapping spots buuut anyway) Soldier was an awesome dog hell when i came over he use to rear up jump on me . . . and lick my face until i was all slobbery, that dog would never harm a fly maybe slobber on one but not harm it i use to play fetch with him and cuddle him and all sorts of stuff he was a real dammed sweet dog but one day her neighbors cat got mauled and she blamed it on soldier they almost put him to sleep till someone stepped up and told them their great dane had done it idk wat happened after that but everyone was so happy to have soldier back i remember buying him a camo bandanna before i moved and told him he was a real dammed soldier best dog ever id be more afraid of my sheltie than soldier and my sheltie is pint sized lol
Highlighterjuice Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Wow... I am a huge pit bull lover, and this video is just fantastic.
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