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April 13, 2005
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TarnishedSpirit Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2006
LMAO I thought you were serious with this at first im glad I read your comment good stuff you got me laughing :)
Killermadman Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2006   Digital Artist
A juggalo is one who stays true to him-self..
Jokerzwild69 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2006  Professional General Artist
Man what da hell is your problem. Juggalo is not judged by what they wear. what they listen to. or how they live their life because Violent J and Shaggy put it best that the defintion of a juggalo is pure "Scrubby". if you believe you "Must" wear ICP and "Must" smoke weed and only listen to ICP, AMB, Boondox, Esham, ABK, Twiztid man you gotta be kiddin me that is just false and not the way jugglos should be protrayed so if you cant figure out that your just a juffao than just get that fack out cuz you aint down!
HyenaKlown Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2006
i aint the one with the problem homie u shoulda read the description
TheRealDarkAngel Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2006
people are funny. especially those who choose to read only part of the post.

ringmaster0147 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006
this is really one of my biggest things that piss me off, people saying that you have to be a cookie cutter person to be a juggalo, its ironic that the people that follow the above rules are those that are the least juggalo of any of us, its also people like that that have no free thinking at all and just act like lemmings taking everything in the songs literally, doing something retarded, blaming the music, and screwing bands over with bad press.
Taygo Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2006   Writer
this is the most bull shit i've read in one tell you the truth fuck this site. i only made one of these to tell you fuckers how increadably fucking wrong that is. who ever fucking beleives that really needs to go out some place that's in the middle of a fucking no where and just fucking end your life.
HyenaKlown Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2006
once again, perhaps you shouldve taken the time to read the description...
CharcoaledInside Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2006   Writer
if they liked wut they were getting from the music b4 then wtf changed by telling ppl they were talking about God. sum ppl were pissed cause they were trying to be rebels against their familys belifs and insted got sucked right back into believing
HyenaKlown Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2006
yea they dont understand that icp wasnt supporting religion, they wuz just supporting in believing in a higher being that will help u get thru the tough times. you dont hafto be religious to believe in a god.
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